Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Classification of fruits

There are several ways of grouping or classifying fruits. The fleshy fruits are classified as Drupe, Berry, Pome, Hesperidium, Pepo, Synconium and Sorosis.

It is a single seeded stone fruit demonstrating a simple morphological evolution.
Stone fruit – cherry, peach, apricot, plum
Aggregate – raspberries, blackberries

Berry is a fleshy fruit is in which all three layers – endocarp, mesocarp, exocarp are soft. For example grapes, bananas, currants, blueberries, papayas etc.

Pome characterized by a flesh developed from the fleshy receptacle, for example apples, pears. Pomes are formed from epigynous flowers in which the adnate perianth parts become fleshy.

Exocarp is leathery for example citrus fruit

A fleshy fruit in which the exocarp is a tough, hard rind; the inner soft tissues may not be differentiated into two distinct layers for example melons, cantaloupe, cucumber

The fleshy fruit consisting of a greatly enlarge receptacle completely surrounding the inflorescence. Example fig

Sorosis is a collective fruit, formed of a number of separate flowers firmly coherent into a fleshy or puply mass with the floral axis upon which they are situated. Example: pineapple
Classification of fruits

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