Sunday, March 17, 2019

Wax for fruits

One of the methods to preserve fresh-fruit quality during handling and subsequent marketing can be achieved by the application of waxes on the surface of the fruit. Waxes have been use for apples, pears, citrus fruits in tomatoes. Waxes and other coatings have been applied to the surface of fresh fruits for many years to improve their appearance and reduce water loss.

Categories of wax accruing to their use:
*Storage wax: when use is not to be marketed immediately
*Pack-out wax: When fruits are to be marketed immediately
*High-shine-wax: For giving a very high grace on market demand

Waxing generally reduces the respirations and transpiration rates, but other chemicals, such as fungicides, growth regulators, preservatives, can also be incorporated especially for reducing microbial spoilage, sprout inhibition.
Wax for fruits
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