Sunday, July 16, 2017

Summer-bearing raspberries

Fresh raspberries are one of those seasonal delights people look forward to all year. There are two types of raspberries: summer bearing and fall bearing. Red and yellow cultivars are summer or fall bearers. Black and purple raspberries are all summer-bearers.

During the planting year, summer-bearing red raspberries grow upright and produce fruit buds in late summer and autumn. Generally, no pruning is necessary in the first year unless there are injured or dead canes caused by wind or poor management.
Summer-bearing raspberries bear fruit on second-year canes called floricanes. These floricanes will produce leaves and fruits in the late spring and early summer and are referred to as summer-bearing types.

All floricanes have to be removed and destroyed after harvest. These canes will die soon and will become havens for diseases and insect pest, and they also interfere with air circulation and continuing cultural practices.
Summer-bearing raspberries
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